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All these children got a golden ticket for having 95% and above attendance for the spring term
The girls have read at least 3 times a week for half a term
These children all had 100% attendance for the Spring term
We have both read at least 3 times a week for a whole term!
We took part in Wake and Shake for Sports Relief


We found out facts about different animals
We researched animals using QR codes
We wrote a fact page

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Easter activities

Decorating Easter biscuits for the Easter Fayre
Emma awarded Joshua with the best decorated bunny hat.
These were the Cherry class entries this year
We made Easter nests with Mrs Edden
We made icing to decorate our Easter biscuits
We made rabbit hats using plates as part of a competition
We went to look at all the Easter bonnets in the hall
We were busy decorating Easter biscuits to sell at the Easter Fayre

Jigsaw Jack - We learnt about Road Safety and how to be safe and healthy

1. Think first
2. Stop
3. wait until its safe to cross
4. Use your eyes and ears
5. Keep looking to see it is safe as you cross.
We gave our friend a cuddle and a glass of water to make them feel better
We gave our friend a sick bowl and some medicine to help her feel better
We role played being poorly and what to do. We checked her throat and made some soup for her to eat.

Maths - We have been learning all about measure and used non standard untits and cm's

Sports Relief

These children read everyday for the whole of the Spring half term!

Independant learning


Jigsaw Jack- We pushed ourselved to complete lots of challenges against the clock


P.E- We have been working together to make balances in partners

R.E We loved doing drama! We made freeze frames to retell the Easter story

Christmas Celebrations

helping each other to get ready for the christmas party
We all had 96% + during Autumn term
We all have 100% during Autumn term
We read at least 3 times during Autumn B

Jigsaw Jack-celebrating differences. We said special things about our friends

We learnt about Jewish weddings and held our own ceromony in class!

Carnival Carts We celebrated by making a carnival cart to the theme of a Julia Donalson book with our parents in school

A Scarecrows Wedding
A squash and a Squeeze
The smartest Giant in Town
We all made a carnival cart about The Gruffalo
What the Ladybird Heard

Fabulous Friday- We learnt lots of things about chocolate!

Our favourite chocolate was the Malteser one!
We estimated how many buttons were in a bag.
There were 53 buttons in our bag!
We made a class graph to show our favourite chocolate!

We have learnt all about the Great Fire of London!

Comparing numbers using greater than and fewer than
We acted out A Squash and a Squeeze


We made Anzac biscuits  

Forest Schoool - We went pond dipping!

Gym - We have learnt how to make straight, straddle and tuck shapes

Our first Week back. We read the Scarecrows Wedding and made our own Harry and Betty

1. Making the frame
2. Make the head and stuff with hay.
3. We dressed Harry in jeans and a shirt.
4. Meet Harry
Cherries made Harry Apples made Betty.
Joshua sorted the people by colour.
We celebrated the Jewish festival Sim Chat Torah in R.E

R.E We made our own Jewish Torah and had a go at making Challah bread to celebrate Shabbat - a day of rest

  We made our own Jewish Torah and wrote our own commandment.

Art-Self Portraits
Inspirational maths
Our first violin lesson
Problem solving
Retelling the Elves and the Shoemaker as a drama
The Elves and the Shoemaker drama
We discussed what we find useful to help us learn

Oscars 2017 Each child had a different nomination. Some of us made a speech!

Pirate Trip

Jayden has been to School everyday for the whole year. He went off to McDonalds in a limo.

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