Westover Green - Eco Code

As a school we promise to do the following;
To save energy by turning off unused electrical appliances
School Grounds
To enjoy and respect our school grounds and be thankful for our environment
To ensure all litter goes into a litter bin and encourage families around school to do the same
To save water by turning off taps properly and watering the gardens with collected rainwater where possible
Healthy Living
To eat a well-balanced diet and do lots of exercise
To cut down on our food and paper waste by re-using and recycling
To enjoy and respect the plants and animals around our school
To walk or cycle to school where possible
Global Citizenship
To respect ourselves and others as part of a global community

Click here for Green_Flag_Assessment_Westover Green Primary School 2016

Community garden in West Street
Cookery club
Eco display
Green Flag Award Photo
Litter picking our grounds
Gardening display

Rep Photos

Year 2 - Jaydon and Lola
Year 2 - Lexi and Alex
Year 3 - Delilah and Kristian
Year 3 - Faith and Nate
Year 4 - Erin and Lydon
Year 4 - Louis, Michal and Isobel
Year 5 - Josh and Mia
Year 5 - Latisha and Romeo
Year 6 - Hannah, Alfie and Jess
Year 6 - Luccian and Grace

Washing and painting tyres for the year 5 eco garden

washing old tyres
washing old tyres
washing old tyres
painting the tyres
painting the tyres
more painting
even more painting
the year 5 eco garden

The Gardening Club
The Gardening Club


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