PHOTO GALLERY - Creativity October 2014

23. We used pastels to create sunset pictures.
24. We also did some beach scenes.
25. We then used black to create silhouettes.
26. Jasmine came to work with us for the day. We created carnival headdresses.
27. We got to add sparkles and glitter!
28. Traie showing off his headdress.
29. We also made carnival masks using sequins, glitter and feathers.
30. We then made a cape.
32. WW really enjoyed the music and moves.
33. We then got to perform our dance to Pear class wearing our Carnval creations.
Boomerang come back !
Dancing - South American style
Designing a mosaic pattern
Dragon Painting
Elm Class beat!
Following my boomerang design
Have you two gone dotty
Issssss that a snake
Italy Display
Let's get to the beat, it's carnival time
Making the leaning tower of Pisa.
Mask making using quilling techniques.
Move those hips boys it's Samba time
Nearly done!
Pasta Frame Gallery
Researching Italy on the iPads
Ribbon Dancing
Samba Drumming for creativity week
That pattern looks familiar
Transfering our pictures onto a board.
Trying out chopsticks
We covered our portraits with tiny pieces of tiles.
What a Samba performance
Working on our mosaic

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