PHOTO GALLERY - Creativity Week, Summer 2013

Apple Class

A sports coach came into school and played lots of fun games with us that kept us fit!
In PE we did lots of races travelling in different ways
On Fruity Friday we all brought at least one piece of fruit to have as a healthy snack.
We ate our healthy snack and had some time to relax in our Garden of Tranquility
We investigated the different food groups and what we need to have a balanced diet
We made healthy pizza toast
We sorted foods into their correct food group
We used the Smartboard Table to explore different ways to exercise
We used the Smartboard Table to sort foods into groups that were high or low in fat

Beech Class

Composing Jingles for our Snack Bars
Making Healthy Snack Bars.
Personal Best Cards.
Team Games
The Squat Challenge

Cedar Class

For our Literacy in Health and Fitness week, we studied and wrote letters to our sporting heroes
In Health and Fitness week we created posters and presentations to highlight the importance of exercise
In Health and Fitness week we took part in Yoga

Cherry Class

Tim Legg came in to do some PE with us. It was great fun!
We had fun making oat cookies. They were delicious!.
We had fun making pizza toast. We could make them at home!

Elm Class

Circuits with Tim
Ciruits with Tim
Enjoying our Zumba Lesson!
Football skills and Circuits with Tim
Indian Scarf Dancing with Angela
Zumba with Angela

Foundation Class

Keeping healthy, riding our bikes.
Safety on the road
Stop. Children Crossing.
They are growing.
Watering our strawberries
Watering the seeds. I hope they grow..

Holly Class

All in time!
Checking out the fruit at Morrisons
Eyes down for Body Bingo
Filling out our questionnaires
Holly designed their own Super Athlete!
Holly exercise with Tim
Wake and Shake with Mrs Durant
Wake and Shake

Pear Class

1. Nathan and Ashley create a wonderful structure
2. Children enjoy PE with Tim
3. Gabij and Teach prepare strawberries
4. Children enjoy choosing healthy food
5. Daniel's favourite was tuna.

Rowan Class

Getting ready for our run.
Listening carefully to the instructions
Playing invasion games for health week
Running around the field
Testing our fitness

Silver Birch Class

On a visit to a local supermarket
Using a stop watch then checking their pulses
We looked at the labels for the country of origin
We looked out for the fair trade logo

Sycamore Class

Exercising for 4 minutes
Warming up our voices for singing
Sports activities with Tim
Team building activities with Tim
Learning our song with Lauren
Life Education Centre - learning about drugs
Measuring our pulse rates

Willow Class

1 Health and Fitness Week - Ready, Steady, Go! 2 Lots of outdoor PE
3 Zumba in the hall
4 Sculptures in DT.
5 Everyone helped each other

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