Gifted and Talented

Indoor Athletics Compe


titionYR 4 Maths with Jo Cronin

G&T Poetry with Mrs Fisher yRS 5 & 6


Poetry Assembly with Mrs Fisher Yrs 3 & 4


book awarded for excellent gandt poetry work

Year 4
Year 5

Our school display Tudor jigsaw piece

We had a history day and worked together to make an excellent Tudor jigsaw piece.
You will see it hanging down in school on our new timeline.
We learned about famous Tudors.
We used microsoft word to make headings, we changed the font style, colour and size.
We sketched and painted famous Tudors.
We used the ipads so we could see other portraits of our chosen 'famous Tudor'.
We painted them using watercolours.

Art With Mrs Brown - Creatures

Year 4 Poetry With Annie Fisher

Years 3 & 4 Art Workshop with Mrs Brown

Art Day working with Mrs Brown


Year 4 Computer Workshop with LegoWeDo


French Day With Mrs Latham

Year 4 Maths with Jo Cronin

A creative walk along the canal in preparation for some inspirational poetry writing


Art Day with Judie Brown

Creative Poetry Writing with Annie Fisher

Poetry Writing with Annie Fisher


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