LARCH CLASS Mrs Stevens and Mr Boucher Year 4

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Net and Ball Activities at Haygrove.

Dave the Viking Visit 11.01.18

1000 year old axe head
Advancing on the enemy
Attacking with a spear and defending with a shield
Explaining helmet protects head from a sword
Lining up for shield advance
Mail armour
Showing that the chain mail will protect you from a sword
Viking Long Spear

Dragonese Day 10.01.18

Aging Maps using teabags
Class photo Viking scare
Creating Top Trump Cards
Dragonese Alphabet
Dragonese Alphabet
Making drawings of treasure maps
Story telling while creating Top Trump Cards
Video clip showing how to speak Dragonesse
Viking cheering class photo
Writing Dragonese

Making handprint Christmas tree cards
Researching and pricing recipes to sell for Enterprise
Violin Lessons
We compared Bridgwater Carnival to Rio Carnival and performed our own dance routines to carnival music.

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