This page should provide you with the following vital information that parents require about the school life, rules and procedures:



Westover Green is a large, busy primary school in Bridgwater, near to the town centre, and beside the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal.   Each September the school is right in the heart of the famous Bridgwater Fair.  Every year we welcome the Fair children to our school who are absorbed into our happy community.  An example of their work is located in our entrance area.
As well as having Extended Schools Status (including breakfast and after-school clubs) we have Healthy School Status and are a Dyslexia Friendly School.  The school was last inspected in January 2016 and was rated as a Good School with Outstanding Features.  We are a part of the Sedgemoor Learning Alliance and work collaboratively with many other schools. The school has always considered the importance of the development of the whole child and with that in mind the range of extended curriculum is impressive, including two residential trips, visits by theatre groups, visits to the theatre, local music and arts festivals and a wide range of sports activities. The Governors have committed themselves in the school budget to having a high staffing level to support different styles of learning.
The school premises include a huge field, copse, willow walk and wildlife pond, so that although being an urban school, Westover children have the advantage of experiencing the outdoor environment on their doorstep.
Always moving forward and looking to improve, we aspire to our motto –“Opening the gates to learning.”


“To provide a safe, enjoyable and motivational environment where all children and adults are respected, accepted, valued and included, enabling children and adults, as individuals, to confidently and successfully achieve their full potential”


It is July 2016 and…………..Our school provides a safe, secure, stimulating and motivational environment for each individual.All pupils and adults have mutual respect for one another. All contributions are valued and there is equality and fairness for all.The ethos of our school is welcoming, calm yet energised, hard- working and positive, where everyone is valued and able to experience a sense of achievement.All pupils are polite, courteous and respectful. They have the self-confidence, belief and skills to aspire to excellence.The attendance of children is excellent with children only late for school in cases of emergency.The learning environment is inspiring, stimulating and encourages children to want to learn.The external environment is safe, clean and stimulating, with all land and areas being used to their full potential, catering for all needs.The curriculum is broad, creative, engaging, challenging, meaningful and innovative, meeting the needs of every child.Individual achievements of all pupils, staff and parents are recognised. They are encouraged to be proud of their achievements and have a desire to continue to succeed.All pupils are actively engaged in their learning. They are aware and fully informed of their potential attainment and what they need to do to achieve this.Academic achievement of all children exceeds what might be expected considering both initial attainment on entry and background factors.Every child receives the appropriate support to enable them to flourish and reach their full potential in all areas.There is a staff development programme in place whereby all staff feel valued and are working to their potential. Teaching across the school is consistently good or outstanding.All pupils, staff, parents and carers are provided with the opportunity to contribute positively to the community spirit of Westover Green.Our school has a positive reputation and is valued and used by the local community.Local community facilities are utilised to enhance children’s learning.The school is part of the wider community whereby people work together for the greater good.A high percentage of pupils access the extra curricular clubs. They represent the school in a wide variety of activities e.g. sport, music, dance, drama etc. and are encouraged to live healthy, active lives.Children, parents, governors, staff and associates of the school are proud to be part of Westover Green Community School.----------------------------------------------------


At Westover Green a pupil's attendance is of vital importance in helping them to secure a good education and to access the learning opportunities being made available to them throughout the school day.Attendance is tracked and monitored very carefully and where possible the SENCO meets fortnightly with the school's Educational Social Worker to review attendance percentages. Where lateness of arrival at school is an issue, letters of encouragement are sent to parents/carers; if poor attendance is the result of an on-going medical matter, a letter to gain consent to approach the GP for confirmation will be issued. In extreme cases of continued non-attendance a Penalty Notice will be issued.To recognise and celebrate those pupils who have excellent attendance at school, certificates and prizes are awarded each term. There is also a "Class of the Week" certificate awarded in both key stages, to the class who has the highest weekly attendance. These incentives can also be earned by pupils showing great improvement in their attendance percentage.Our attendance for the academic year 2016 – 2017 was:

Attendance                     95.3%
Authorised absence         3.3%
Unauthorised absence      1.4%


Amendments to the 2006 regulations were made by the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 and come into force on 1 September 2013.The amendments make it clear that Headteachers can only grant leave of absence during term time for exceptional circumstances.  All reference to a holiday and/or extended leave, including the threshold of ten school days is removed.  Any request for leave must be made in writing for the attention of the Headteacher in advance.Parents and carers are committing an offence if they fail to ensure the regular and punctual attendance at school of their child.  Potential consequences, such as any unauthorised absence including taking term time leave not agreed with the school, can result in a Penalty Notice being issued to each parent for each child.  Any Penalty Notice unpaid is taken to Magistrates Court as failure to secure the regular attendance of their child.  If found guilty of such an offence, Parents could receive a criminal conviction and a potential fine of up to £1,000Taking a child on holiday in term time interrupts the learning of the whole class.  Teachers have to spend time helping children catch up when they return.  Parents should arrange holidays for the 13 week school holiday periods.  Schools are open 190 days which leaves 175 days of the year for a holiday.


The school will charge in the following circumstances allowed by the Education Reform Act 1988:
(a) The provision of music tuition given to pupils as individuals or in groups of up to four
(b) Ingredients and materials for cooking and CDT (Craft, Design and Technology):
(c) Activities which take place wholly or mainly outside school hours and which are not a statutory part of the National Curriculum
(d) Activities which involve pupils in nights away from home
(e) No charges will be made for examination fees
  • Voluntary contributions will be sought from parents for activities which supplement the normal school curriculum.
  • The Governors have agreed a charge to be levied for private photocopying and telephone calls.
  • Some goods may be purchased through the school for the convenience of parents, pupils or teachers.
  • Some goods will be sold through the school with the intention of making a profit and thus raising money for the school, PTA or other charity.
  • From time to time the school will seek voluntary donations for specific purposes.
  • The Finance Committee annually review and set charges made for use of school premises.
  • Authority for day-to-day management of the policy is delegated to the Headteacher.
  • The level of charges is a matter for the Governing Body.
  • The charging policy is reviewed annually by the Governing Body.

Somerset has a clearly defined procedure to follow if parents wish to make a complaint. All complaints initially should be made to the teacher concerned. If the complaint is not resolved at this level then parents should complain to the Headteacher. Subsequent levels of complaint are detailed in the County Procedure. Copies of the County document are available from the school office. The Headteacher and his colleagues will use their best endeavours to ensure complaints are dealt with swiftly and satisfactorily.
Copies of:LEA Curriculum Statement
Statutory Instruments
HMI published reports
Our schemes of work and curriculum foreplanning
Complaints procedure
County Syllabus for RE
are all obtainable upon request from the school office and classteacher.Parents should note that it may be necessary to photocopy master documents meaning that there is a slight delay and that the above information may not be available on immediate demand.


At Westover Green we aim to 'Open the Gates to Learning' and to ensure this staff and pupils work together to make the school calm and well ordered. We believe that every child has a right to a safe, secure and happy environment and we aim to build on the discipline and good manners which have been taught at home. High expectations of behaviour are reinforced throughout the school by our Golden RulesAlways think about others
Speak politely and truthfully
Be kind and gentle
Go carefully and thoughtfully
We feel these rules allow pupils to develop an awareness of their rights and the rights of others and it is in this spirit in which the school's 'Behaviour and Discipline Policy' is designed.


From the time your child enters Westover Green they will be involved in a continual cycle of assessment and monitoring to help them progress. Initial discussions with parents/carers and pre-school settings ensures we have knowledge of each individual before they join us.In their teaching our teachers use a continuous cycle of planning, assessing and reviewing to make work delivered enjoyable, relevant, challenging and achievable. Pupils also play a large part in self assessing their learning and thinking about how they can also help themselves progress.Throughout the child's primary education in Westover Green in accordance with the school's 'Assessment Policy' various methods are used by teachers to judge and record pupils ongoing progress and set appropriate targets.Additionally, The National Curriculum sets attainment targets which provide standards against which a child's progress will be assessed. The results of these are available publicly at the end of the pupil's Y2 and Y6.


Westover Green Community School has reached "Extended School Status" well in advance of many other schools and this is due to the high importance we place on Extra Curricular Activities. As well as Breakfast Club and After School Club - known as "Maple Club", the following events and activities are on offer:
Table Tennis
Computer Club
Singing Group (KS1)
Choir (KS2)
Dance and Drama Club - producing major productions each year
In addition the school runs a five-day residential field trip for Year 6.   Year 3 and 4 children have the opportunity for a 2-night residential. We enjoy interacting with the community and day trips and visits are arranged throughout the year


School meals are provided by Millennium Catering. The meals are cooked at Haygrove School and brought into school and served in the Exmoor Hall.Free school mealsChildren are entitled to free school meals if their families are in receipt of Income Support or Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance. Application forms for free school meals are available from the School Office.Packed lunchesDining accommodation is provided for children who wish to bring and eat their own packed lunch in school. Children may bring drinks, but fizzy drinks are not permitted. Please ensure your child's lunchbox is clearly named.Break-time snacksOur school has Healthy School Status and children are encouraged to bring fruit or vegetable snacks to eat at morning break. Crisps, biscuits and sweets are not permitted.


Our Learning CharterAt Westover Green, we are committed to:
  • providing a secure and safe environment in which our children can learn
  • providing a balanced curriculum which develops and extends pupils’ learning ,through a range of experiences, both inside & outside school
  • a comprehensive approach to teaching, recognising the need for children to understand their own emotions, before they can begin to actively learn.
  • building our children’s self-esteem & self-worth, through mutual respect & understanding
  • seeing our children growing in confidence and self-assurance and so we aim to engender a positive approach in our teaching to encourage these values
  • Including everyone within the wider school community, especially parents/carers
  • encouraging our children to become active, positive members of the community of Bridgwater & good citizens of the UK, Europe & the world.
  • teaching our children about British culture, as well as global cultures, to encourage a respectful attitude to all who live in our world
  • This sets out the arrangements for the use of the school premises by groups, individuals or organisations. It should be read in conjunction with the LEA's advice and guidance on Lettings and Lettings Insurance.
  • All hirers of the school premises will be made aware of the hire costs, terms and conditions, including insurance requirements, before the hire and the agreement signed.
  • Hire charges will be reviewed annually by the Headteacher and Governors. The charges will cover any costs incurred, i.e. heat and lighting, caretaker and insurance.
  • Charges to children and youth groups may be subsidised if funds are available for this purpose. This is to be agreed on individual circumstances by the Headteacher and Governors.

What do I do if my child is ill
It is very helpful for us if you can let us know by telephone if your child is unable to come to school. If this is not possible then please send a letter with them when they return to explain why they were absent.Please remember that we are only allowed to give prescribed medication at school after consultation with the Headteacher.What happens if my child is ill or has an accident at schoolIt is vitally important that we have your home telephone number, if you have one, plus an emergency number. This may be a grandparent, friend or neighbour or your, or your partner's work number. If this changes for any reason please let us know immediately so we can change our records. We have trained First Aiders on site and in the event of accident or illness they decide whether it is serious enough to contact you and ask you to collect your child. In the occasional case they may decide that the child needs hospital treatment urgently, we would arrange to meet you there. If your child suffers a bump to the head we will give you a note explaining how this may affect them and advice on what to do. At all times your child's comfort and safety is our main concern.What about my child who uses an inhalerInhalers are kept in the classrooms so that the children have access to them at all times.


There is a Pre-School for 2 - 4 year olds on the Westover Green School site, run by a private provider, which links with the Foundation year class groups and incorporate the ethos of the school, to ensure a smooth transition for young children from the home and pre-school environment into full time education. The strategy of incorporating pre-school provision on site is to enhance the social skills of children entering the school at Foundation Stage and access specialist provision in the early years to provide an essential grounding for the delivery of formal education. This will lead to higher attainment in future year groups.Alongside the pre-school area there is a Community room for use by partners of the school, pre-school and local community, parents and families to access professional help, advice, education and information.To contact Westover Little Stars phone 01278 426046


We recognise the importance of pupils’ views and making them part of the decision making process.  The school has an elected School Council with 2 representatives from each class in the school from Year 1 upwards.  They meet regularly to discuss in-house issues.
The School Council has been responsible for a variety of initiatives and its members provide a welcome face for those on interviews at the school


Every child belongs to one of our four School Teams -
Axe              Yellow
Brue             Blue
Parrett         Green
Tone            Red

Children are allocated to a team when they start school, siblings are put into the same team.
Team points are given by the staff for good work, helpfulness, kindness, effort and for a whole variety of worthwhile reasons, not necessarily associated with ability.Children work towards a whole team score, and at the end of the term there is an award for the team with the highest score. A Team Cup is always on display with ribbons in the winning team's colour.


We expect children to wear our simple but smart uniform:Green sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans
Black or grey trousers or skirts
White or green polo shirts.
Dark shoes - NOT trainers
(trainers can be brought into school to be changed into at playtimes to avoid damage to their school shoes).
Sweatshirts, Cardigans, Polo Shirts and Fleece Jackets are available from Hooks in Bridgwater.Parents are reminded of the importance of labelling children's clothing, particularly PE kit. This is essential equipment which every child needs. School policy is that children change for PE. PE kit should be brought to school in a named bag. It should be kept in school and returned home for washing at weekends/holidays.


Our school is a secure and safe site with gates that are locked during the school day. Access is only given to authorised school visitors during the day.All visitors must sign in and out and if you need to collect your child from school for any reason, please come into Reception where someone will get your child for you while you sign them out.Parents are not permitted to drive onto the school site unless they have prior agreement with the Headteacher.


Children are admitted to school in the academic year in which they are five.
Prospective parents are always warmly welcome should they wish to visit the school, in order to assess the opportunities provided for their children, and to meet the staff. In May, parents of children offered a place at Westover Green are invited to an evening meeting so that they can be introduced to all the staff that will be involved with their child.  Children are invited to come to school on various afternoons during the last half-term of the school year prior to them starting, to allow them to become more familiar with the teachers. The children start school on a part-time basis in small groups according to their date of birth and in line with County policy. Their time at school is gradually increased to a full working day. Introducing children to school in this way enables us to spend much more time with individuals and establish good relationships. Full-time schooling is much too demanding and tiring for four year olds, part-time to begin with, is the best way to start.Joining Westover Green after the age of fourWe strongly recommend that parents of children transferring from another school make at least one visit before their children begin school at Westover Green.


Breakfast Club 8:00 – 8:50
Classrooms open at 8:40
Bell rings for start of school at 8:50
Morning Break 11:15-11:30
Lunch Break 12:30-1:30
Afternoon Break 2:45-3:00 – FS/KS1 only
School Finishes 3:15
After School Club 3:15-5:30
Parents are responsible for the safety of their children on the journey to and from school. In the early years children must be collected from school by their parents or person nominated by their parents. We expect children to arrive at school on time and be collected on time. Classes open their doors at 8:40 and children are expected to be in class by 8:50 when the registers are taken and formally closed.The Headteacher will not accept responsibility for the care and safety of children on site before 8:40am unless children are attending Breakfast Club.

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