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Music with Mr Boucher


Writing and acting out our own play scripts


Arranging our containers in what we thought would be the largest capacity to the smallest.
Evaporation, transportation, precipitation.
Finally, we were able to put the containers in the correct order.
It required good team work.
Using some equipment to show the water cycle.
We carried water to experience life in a developing country.
We estimated and then measured.
We tested ways to filter and clean some dirty water.

Silver Birch Mosaic Day

Final sketch onto a piece of paper.
First we sketched our faces.
Getting the proportions right.
Ros demonstrated how to use the tiles.
The class sign just needs grouting.
Using the bigger tiles first then filling in the gaps.
We all helped Ros with the letters and the background.
We wore safety goggles when cutting the tiles.
We helped each other.

Our golden ticket winners

Science work

Our objective was to see how many paperclips the magnet would attract.
Repel or attract.
Testing for magnetic materials around the room.
Testing the strength of a magnet.

Christmas Activities

Busy making our calendars.
I won the snowman drive.
In Drama we told the Christmas story.
We made wobbly snowmen.

Stone Age Topic

Some of us liked eating leaves and seeds.
Stone Age people ate seeds and berries.
The berries went down better than the seeds!
They weaved grasses and leaves to make nets and baskets.
We are hunter gatherers from the Stone Age.
We tasted different berries.
We wrote about each food item.

A music lesson

A brilliant music lesson with Mr Boucher.
Composing our own music.
Recording and plaing back our own music.

Collecting data about our favourite foods.
Gathering information.
Identifying towns and cities.
Just a spoonful of filling.
Making apple pies. Yummy.
Making Stonehenge from biscuits.
Map Work
Taking part in a quiz about the UK.
That's looking good.
We cut up old magazines for our flag collages.
We had great fun at Haygrove doing sports.
We saw a heron at Steart Marshes.
We worked with a partner to find the answers.
We're off to see the river!

Exploring the best way to sort and count.
Learning about our skeletons and how we move.
I can explain how I worked something out.
Sorting, counting and recording our work.
We had fun with some storytellers

Enjoying some Golden Time.
Learning about place value.
Showing the number with diennes.
That's a good word!
Using diennes.
Using drama to retell a story
We made a human array.

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