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A music lesson

A brilliant music lesson with Mr Boucher.
Composing our own music.
Recording and plaing back our own music.

Collecting data about our favourite foods.
Gathering information.
Identifying towns and cities.
Just a spoonful of filling.
Making apple pies. Yummy.
Making Stonehenge from biscuits.
Map Work
Taking part in a quiz about the UK.
That's looking good.
We cut up old magazines for our flag collages.
We had great fun at Haygrove doing sports.
We saw a heron at Steart Marshes.
We worked with a partner to find the answers.
We're off to see the river!

Exploring the best way to sort and count.
Learning about our skeletons and how we move.
I can explain how I worked something out.
Sorting, counting and recording our work.
We had fun with some storytellers

Enjoying some Golden Time.
Learning about place value.
Showing the number with diennes.
That's a good word!
Using diennes.
Using drama to retell a story
We made a human array.

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