Government PE and Sport Funding

Westover Green has been allocated approximately £19,000 for PE and Sport funding for the academic year 2017-18.  This funding has to be spent effectively and to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.At Westover Green the funding has been allocated to provide the following provisions:

  • Providing pupils who are gifted and talented in sport with expert, intensive coaching and support.

  • Employing a local coach to provide weekly after-school sport on the school site.
  • Employing a specialist PE teacher – Ben Kirk – to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in specific areas of PE.

  • To assess the development of pupils in PE lessons and where required provide extra PE for pupils to enable them to achieve. 
  • Providing opportunities for ALL pupils to achieve in PE.
  • Providing high-quality training for volunteers, parents and carers and adults to assist with swimming at Quantock Lodge.

  • To provide time for Ben Kirk to work with children who experience co-ordination problems. To improve their overall spatial awareness and skills work.

  • To introduce an Enhanced PE Programme with SASP for curriculum based opportunities for whole classes/year groups.

  • Using the skills of Support Staff within the school for extra-curricular clubs to develop children to enable them to perform, compete and achieve healthier lifestyles.

This funding will continue to enhance the provisions for PE and sport at Westover Green and increase the participation in PE and sport so that all pupils will be provided with opportunities to reach the levels they are capable of whilst having fun, working as individuals or within a team and participating in competitive sports.

Providing extra, additional activities such as outdoor and adventurous activities.

  • Government PE & Sport Funding Expenditure 2017-18

    PE Covered

    Impact on the School


    Specialist PE Coach

    The Specialist PE Coach has once again been employed for a full day to work with classes during their PE lessons each week and the remainder working with Gifted and Talented pupils.  The G & T pupils are taught on a two-week rolling programme so all year groups benefit from the specific skills work coached by the Specialist PE Coach.
    Gifted and Talented pupils are experiencing a wide range of activities including competing in an Indoor Athletics Competition, Basketball Tournament, Futsal Competition and a Swimming Gala already this year.  It also ensures that the G & T register is updated to recognise the skills of pupils and includes new pupils enrolling at Westover Green during the school year.


    Specialist PE

    The Specialist PE Coach is also employed for half a day each week to work with Class Teachers during their PE lessons for their own CPD.  These sessions are on a rolling programme to further the skills of all teaching staff.  A Co-ordination Group has also been set up, for one hour per week to work on activities to improve spatial awareness and co-ordination in pupils.
    Teachers observe the lessons taught by the Specialist PE Coach which enables them to continue teaching high quality PE during their own PE lessons.  This ensures that a high standard of PE is taught at Westover Green, either by the Specialist PE Coach or the Class Teachers.
    Pupils who are seen to be ‘Developing’ from Assessment Sheets completed are selected for extra PE lessons to enable them to improve their skills so they are ‘Achieving’ in PE, therefore providing opportunities for ALL pupils to achieve in PE at Westover Green. 


    PE Leader CPD

    PE Leader attends relevant Coaching/Training Courses to ensure qualifications and skills are updated and current.  The Annual PE Leaders’ Conference was attended and this provided opportunities for all Primary School Leaders to communicate and relay the range of activities carried out in their school.  It provided opportunities for cluster schools to meet and organise sporting events.    
    Impact: To maintain the knowledge and skills relating to the professional development of the PE Leader.  To ensure all qualifications are updated and current for teaching PE effectively and efficiently.  These developments can then be passed on to teaching staff and pupils to maintain high quality teaching and learning at Westover Green School.



    To continue the enhanced competition programme with SASP.  This will provide opportunities for ALL pupils to develop within a range of PE sports and activities.  It consists of a calendar of competition that demonstrates opportunities for young people to take part in competitive sporting activities.
    Impact:  Provide opportunities for staff to develop their own skills to teach PE.  To enter into competitions and festivals, at a central venue, against other schools.  Whole year groups working together and competing against other schools.  Provide planned professional learning support to help improve the learning and progress for the pupils in the class/year group.


    Black Rock

    Black Rock Orienteering provides opportunities for children to enjoy a great range of activities that will help the children develop their team building skills and have fun whilst achieving it.                Impact:  The children will improve their communication skills individually and as a team.  It will encourage them to share their ideas and improve their communication skills.  It will raise their self-esteem and confidence.  To also use skills to problem solve.


    PE Equipment

    To purchase gym equipment so gym lessons can be taught effectively and outdoor equipment for summer activities to take place in PE lessons.
    Impact:  To enable children to progress within lessons and extra-curricular club.  CPD achieved for staff.


    Support Staff

    To provide extra hours for Support Staff to run extra-curricular clubs, attending competitions with other schools, Health and Fitness Week and holiday clubs to develop healthy and active lifestyles.
    Impact:  These clubs will develop team work, enthusiasm and commitment, collaborative working and most importantly, the children will have fun.


    Any remaining funding will be spent on additional PE equipment.





    • Through assessment and evidence continue to monitor the quality of PE at Westover Green.
    • Teachers to observe lessons, delivered by the PE Coach, which enables them to continue teaching high quality PE during their own PE lessons.
    • Pupils who are ‘Developing’ from Assessment Sheets to receive extra PE lessons to move them on to higher levels.
    • Provide opportunities for ALL pupils to achieve in PE.
    • Providing Gifted & Talented pupils with expert, intensive coaching and support.
    • To continue enhancing the provisions for PE and sport at Westover Green.
    • To increase participation in PE and sport so ALL pupils will be provided with opportunities to reach the levels they are capable.
    • To ensure adequate training is provided for the PE Leaders to develop their own CPD and ensure top quality PE teaching is delivered throughout the school.

    Chris Durant/Matt Bestwick – PE Leaders


    Westover Green Community School

    PE and Sport Premium

    Swimming 2017-2018

    How many pupils within the Year 6 cohort can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?


    This figure will improve because the Year 6 cohort for 2017-18 will attend swimming lessons during the Summer Term 2018.

    How many pupils within the Year 6 cohort can use a range of strokes effectively?


    How many pupils within the Year 6 cohort can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations?


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